Purple Corn

Zea mays

Purple corn has been valued for its nutritional and health benefits by indigenous cultures in South America for generations. [1]

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Key Health Benefits

Purple corn, revered for its potential medicinal properties, particularly stemming from its high anthocyanin content, offers a spectrum of health benefits. Its rich antioxidants combat free radicals, potentially reducing the risk of ailments, while some studies suggest anti-inflammatory effects and cardiovascular support through blood pressure and cholesterol regulation. [1]

Purple corn's dietary fiber contributes to digestive health, and its compounds may have potential anti-cancer properties. Furthermore, its anthocyanins promote skin health and offer protection against chronic UV damage, with benefits extending to eye protection through cardiovascular compounds like zeaxanthin and lutein. Preliminary research also hints at its potential in blood sugar regulation, benefiting individuals with diabetes. [2]

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Historical Use

Purple corn has a long and esteemed history of use among indigenous cultures in South America. Cultivated for millennia, it served as a dietary staple. In traditional medicine, it was valued for potential health benefits, addressing issues ranging from digestion to skin conditions.

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Purple corn is native to South America, primarily the Andean region, but its cultivation and distribution have expanded globally due to its growing popularity for its potential health benefits and use as a nutritious ingredient.

Purple corn


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